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Easy to use

Actron has been using its long experience of software development for PLC programming. This is combined with the requests and comments from our international distributors. Therefore in contrast to other IEC 61113-3 programming systems from typical software houses ActWin is created together with and for PLC users. This means that the amount of programming operations (e.g. the amount of mouse clicks and menu levels) for the user is far less then in other systems. This also means that it is fast and intuitive to learn.

Based on IEC 61131-3

The IEC61131-3 is the International standard, which will dominate the PLC programming. By using a standard way of programming the user will save lots of time of learning, documentation etc. Wider range of people will be able to use the application. The application development process will be shorter and much money will be saved.

Programming Languages

With ActWin can you program your project in SFC or in Ladder. SFC programming will always be a combination of the flowchart structure and actions and transitions in Ladder. In both programming methods the "Grid Mode" can be used. The Grid Mode is a by Actron patented method to make graphical programming easier.

With the Grid Mode you will for each position that you point at receive the correct and most used function. If you need any other function on this position you can right click and get all syntax correct functions.

User defined function and function Blocks

ActWin has got a unique straight forward way for the users to build their own function blocks or macros, which can be saved, reused in the project or used in other projects.

System Function and Function Blocks

There are many different pre-defined building blocks available. Some of them are standard IEC 61131-3 building blocks and some are PLC specific.


ActWin requires a computer running Windows NT 3.51, Windows 2000, Windows XP  or later. ActWin can run in standard VGA mode (640 * 480) but a higher resolution is recommended.
ActWin is delivered on a CD and includes installation, cable and an on-line manual.


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